Hometown Series


I often am asked, “Where are you from?” when meeting new people around town. At Lindenwood it was sometimes, “What country are you from?” As an angsty teen that longed to be in a city, I was annoyed by the small town that surrounded me. I thought I lacked opportunity, experiences. As I’ve grown, I come to appreciate the beautiful quaint town that is Hermann, MO—the river valley, swimming holes, divey bars, wineries, bakeries, history and antique shops make it quite the gem. It’s a delightful change of pace when escaping the hassles of the city.

I’ve lived in the St. Louis for almost 10 years now. First, staying in St. Charles for university, post-grad and eventually deciding to live there post college, briefly. Then, I made the move to South City and haven’t made plans to pick up roots yet. Hermann is only 1.5hrs from my spot in the city so I go back often to visit family and friends that reside there.

This summer I’ve been going back more frequently than usual due to the nuptials of my younger brother and other adventures like Gascony Village. This past Memorial Day weekend was much to be desired, raining the duration of my three-day escape. I was looking forward to the spray of the water and beating sun gliding down the river and washers on the sandbank, typical hoosier shit. But, no I reclused to the indoors and feverishly watched Turn on Netflix, an AMC drama about rebel spies during the Civil War.

In between catching up on sleep and half watching episodes of Turn, which is actually not bad, I realized I had brought my camera. The day was particularly moody with a storm rolling in and spots of rain here and there. I hoped into my car and drove around smoking and snapping shots around town, hitting up memorable spots and just stopping randomly, like in an ivy covered alley.

After driving through cemeteries and alley ways, I ducked in Hermann Attic Antique Mall where I scored Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and then had a late lunch and milkshake at Downtown Deli. I tried going to The Golden Rhino, which is the best mid-century/antique store in Hermann, but alas it was closed, much to my dismay. A delightful gloomy day well spent in the hometown nonetheless.



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