OSO: A Style Lab Opening in The Loop

The Loop has been undergoing some changes lately. Some questionable, like the trolly system that I still don’t fully understand, but also community enriching things are happening as well. Can you consider new shopping destinations ‘community enriching’? Well, not neccisarily all the time but I think in this case it works. OSO: A Style Lab, a place where pop culture/art + style meet, is opening soon in The Loop.

I was a bit confused at OSO’s concept at first- is it a retail shop or gallery? It’s a delightful mixture of both with wonderfully curated garments from national and local brands as well as accessories and other fun stuff. I saw brands like Grace Kubilius, photography from Attilio D’Agostino and bags from Paul and Joe Sister. Price point is a mix as well. One can find everyday casual prices as well as statement designer pieces, which is ideal for the location. Local makers at Anew Nature Furniture created cardboard shelving units, some moveable, that really makes the space.

OSO is hosting a private pre-opening celebration Thursday, April 14 starting at 5:30pm so that you can check out the space. RSVP here. They will be having a  Changing Room Naming Competition happening for which I can’t wait to get a few drinks and come up with names 😉 Attilio D’Agostino‘s healthgoth-looking-photography of a is featured on one of the doors- swoon! There’s already a few things I’ve picked out. I’m excited for this new concept and hope know St. Louis is going to be very responsive to it! Come out tomorrow and see for yourself.

Congrats- OSO: A Style Lab!


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