Arch Apparel


Photos: Steve Yancey

June Ann D’Angelo of geminijunemoon asked me to style a shoot for Arch Apparel. I always jump at a chance to work with June because she knows what she’s doing and she oozes creativity. I was a little thrown off that a graphic tee shirt company wanted to work with us, but hey, the shoot speaks for itself.

This was my first try at styling a shoot on my own. I’ve helped out Wicked Wallflower, who’s a super-pro, and have been doing this for a while so it was fun feeling out that role.

Going into the gig I was given a website to view shirts and location ideas. From there I thought about what I had that would work with the clothes, how I would wear these tees, current and next season and Arch Apparel’s target audience. I came up with a few themes like 70’s record shop, 90’s/Clueless, Casual Street Style and Athleisure.

June organized the whole shoot- photographer Steve Yancey, hair by Caitlin Ford, make-up by Leta Groseclose and stylist Laura Heying (yours truly). Arch Apparel supplied model Jordan Hangge. The Arch Apparel guys hung around the shoot providing a helping hand. It was nice getting to know the brand as we shot throughout the day.

For my first shoot as a stylist, I would mark this up to be a major success. I knew this collaboration of people would be good but not this good. I’m very happy and excited to share with you these photos.



Photography: Steve Yancey

Director: June D’Angelo

Model: Jordan Hangge

Hair: Caitlin Ford

Makeup: Leta Groseclose

Stylist: Laura Heying


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