Suite 7

Photos by Jessica J. Page

The 2nd Annual Suite 7 fashion show was held Sunday, November 15 at The Vault at Southside. The show, presented by T. Moore Media featured 10 designers with collections ranging from high fashion to everyday street wear. Designers included Guilty Conscience, Charay Glambitions, Flight 94, Monie Christo, Toi Box, BPLR (Born Poor Live Rich), Roi+Rik, Hassani, Young Addy and EOD (Essence of Depth).

The show opened up with a drum line performance, which really kicked things off and got me excited for the show. Going into it, I had no previous knowledge on designers of who I would be seeing. I was extremely impressed with the production of the show, including location, lights, music, emcees and, most importantly, the designs.

I apologize for not having photos of all the looks. But, with the help of Jessica J. Page, I hope you can get a glimpse of the impressive designs and magnitude of talent these designers displayed. Shots of the show can be found using #Suite7STL.

Guilty Conscience (chain face mask pictured) showed first and wowed me most. The chain face mask reminded me a lot of my favorite Mortal Kombat character, Mileena. MK should consider the face mask as the next downloadable content addition.

Flight 94 had me lusting over the amazing graphic tees and sweatshirts, including a 90’s looking drippy smiley face jacket— gimme! Also, I really liked the dope varsity jackets.

Monie Christo killed it with a refreshing take on ties and bow-ties. An updated old school vibe with vibrant patterns makes these accessories stand out. See here.

Roi+Rik, by St. Louis blogger Rikki Byrd and her mother, presented not only amazing designs but also a very powerful social commentary alongside, including protest signs marching to Hell You Talmbout by Wondaland Records. Very powerful stuff.

Emphasis on the production of this show cannot be stressed enough. T. Moore Media and friends had their shit together. More shows need to be produced like this. People were excited to be there due to the music selection, live performances during breaks, the bar right in the middle of the runway, prizes given away throughout and more. I’m excited to see more events like this.


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