Saint Louis Fashion Week | Night Three

(Photos by Brandon Halley)

Friday night brought maybe one of my most anticipated events of STLFW, the Fantich & Young Apex Predator | Darwinian Voodoo opening at projects+gallery.

Artists Mariana Fantich (Ukraine) and Dominic Young (UK) showed their creepy lifestyle pieces made of teeth and hair for the first time in the U.S. at the newly opened gallery in CWE. Darwinian Voodoo juxtaposes two very different schools of thought, Darwin’s theory of evolution and ceremonial rituals associated with Voodoo, creating some seriously creepy/interesting/amazing work.

projects+gallery, founded by Susan Barrett, is fairly new to St. Louis, designed to feature contemporary exhibitions and artists that ‘blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices.’ projects+gallery features regional, national and international artists working in various mediums.

This show is truly outstanding. One can view the teethy goodness now until December 23, 2015. I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend the poutine at Dressel’s Public House if you’re looking for something tasty afterwards 😉

Up next: Saturday shopping at Living Collective + SKIF



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