Discovering Nashville, Part IV

I was genuinely distraught when I woke up the Sunday in Nashville because it was departing day. Robby, Marissa and I stirred while Josh made us fixin’s. We sat down for our last meal together, cinnamon French toast and hair of the dog, and met Grace, Josh’s neighbor and native St. Louisian. Reminiscing and stories made a lovely morning.

After breakfast we spent some time in Josh’s garden taking airbnb family photos and milling around while Josh tinkered on his car. Before heading out, we were set on hitting up The Parthenon and Hattie B’s, so we packed up our things and set sail. Saying goodbye to Josh, Momma and Buddy was bittersweet.

Centennial Park was bright and full of people on a sunny spring day. We strolled through the park and made our way to the full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. I dug out my real camera, turned it to the dramatic filter and that made for some fantastic photos. After taking blog photos, we ventured inside to view the museum and see the Athena statue. The museum displayed photos of the Parthenon being built, tools used to construct the monument and artwork by 19th and 20th century American artists. History of confederacy prominence in the south was apparent in the museum, which wasn’t surprising at all.

Walking back to the car to hit up Hattie B’s, we heard hip-hop music and saw African American people in the park, which was great because Nashville seemed white as hell and it was refreshing to see some diversity, so we headed over to see what was up. A group of dancers and DJs were performing, dancing and talking about the components of hip-hop. I captured some dancers mid-air, which only portrays a small amount of how much talent we saw. I could have sat and watched them dance all day, but alas we had a journey home upon us.

We rolled up to Hattie B’s about 4pm on Sunday. Dumbest mistake of the trip. Why? Because we were in the south on a Sunday and things are closed or close early. We couldn’t even get into the door. Lameeeeeee. I Googled Prince’s because they are actually supposed to be the original hot chicken joint of Nashville but they weren’t even open. We went down the road and had pho, which was phenomenal, so no complaints there. My suggestion is that if you want some famous hot chicken while in Nash, plan wisely.

With our bellies full and a JEFF the Brotherhood show to see in St. Louis later that night, we hightailed it home. I made it just in time to see most of the JEFF set, which is actually sort of fantastic and made the whole Nashville experience full circle because Jamin and Jake Orrall of JEFF are Nashville natives.

Nashville Fashion Week and exploring Nashville was such a great experience, so great that I’m planning to get back there as soon as possible. It’s only a 4.5-hour drive, so close to home. I never thought I’d like it so much but the people, shopping, sites and just general culture down there is really something to experience.

Can’t wait to see you again, Nashville. x

What I wore: Shirt- now defunct Blue Bird Apperal, shorts- vintage, shoes- JustFab


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