Discovering Nashville, Part III

Saturdays are for sleeping in. Unless that is you have a NFW Industry Panel event with the likes of supermodel Karen Elson, creator of NYFW Fern Mallis and designer Timo Weiland as headliners. The panels were held Saturday, April 11 at City Winery. Yes, we woke up before 9am to go a winery. Such a hard life…

Nashville Fashion Week’s 2015 Industry Panel discussions were on the subject of “Fashion Meets Technology: The Future of the Industry, Manufacturing and Retail.” The panel was asked questions by moderator and NFW Co-Founder, Marcia Masulla, on how technology is changing the way fashion is produced and consumed. I took notes.

Karen Elson made a good point about the fashion industry not just being about clothes. There’s plenty of opportunity- photography, magazines, stylists, designers, marketers…I could go on. Nashville seems to be facing similar issues as St. Louis in terms of developing a thriving fashion industry. We both have a lot of work to do.

After some great industry advice and inspiration, food was in order. Luckily, we were already at a place with a great brunch menu. Started off with champagne cocktails, brie and pears and my main which was a delicious veggie frittata with mushroom confit, charred onion, artichoke heart and Swiss cheese. Yum! City Winery has some great patio space and a decent view of the Batman building. Really great atmosphere, I would definitely recommend.

Conveniently located at the entrance of City Winery were two little pop up shops- The Trunk and Sisters of Nature. Both were carrying local designers and national designers that showed at NFW. The Trunk had this eye Valentimes bag that I’m regretting not buying now. Sisters of Nature, which I found out later in the day at their brick and mortar, carries St. Louis jewelry brand (and featured on WC previously) Fable & Lore. Both are great little shops that you should visit while in Nashville.

We went back to the afternoon industry panel discussion, which seemed to be more locally focused. When it got to be about 2pm, we had to ditch out to do a little shopping. Forgive us, please. We headed for East Nashville, which seems to be up and coming like Cherokee Street in St. Louis. Everything from what I read and heard said the best vintage was in East Nashville. That advice was correct. Not only are there many, MANY vintage store options but the prices were decent!

You can find a street-side boiled peanuts/crawfish stand on your way into East Nash. Marisa made us stop for boiled peanuts, which they ended up being out of. We settled for one pound of crawfish to share between us three. Unbeknownst to me, I sat down and must have looked like an idiot trying to eat these things. Thank the universe for the local that found it necessary to come over and give us a lesson. We had a great time getting laughed at by the locals learning how to properly pull the poop vein out of the little bastards. Great life skills learned.

Just a short walk from the random boiled peanuts stand there’s a salon/vintage shop called Local Honey. We saw clothes in the window and stopped in. Good choice. Marisa and I filled the dressing rooms with vintage clothes while Robby looked for something not cashmere, which he was wearing on a particularly warm spring day. I took home a sweet little jumpsuit and flowy white blouse. It’s hard to miss and pass up Barista Parlor. The spray painted walls outside the compound is blogger heaven. Go inside and you’ll be in coffee heaven. Seriously, don’t skip this place.

Walking along in East Nash, I spotted The Groove Records. We went in for a browse. Great record store, even found St. Louis band, recently defunct, Shaved Women in the mix. I took home the latest Courtney Barnett.

At the City Winery pop-up shop, Sisters of Nature informed us of their East Nash location, so we walked that way. I say walk because I found out some Nashville-ers aren’t keen on walking. As we rocked up, we realized there was a party happening! Not only were Sisters of Nature holding a sidewalk sale, so were Moto Moda and Small Room Collective. Heaven!

Instantly I was drawn to Moto Moda because of the beautiful motorcycles displayed. MM carries a carefully curated collection of ever-changing merchandise. I talked to one of the shop guys and he made me want a bike even more. Someday. Check them out here.

Outside Mota Moda, Small Room Collective set up shop. SRC is a curated mobile mercantile and purveyor of shared experience in a 63 silver bullet of joy. Their concept is amazing, which is connecting a big world in small spaces, and they have the best story. Read here.

Neighbor to Moto Moda is Sisters of Nature. Local makers were set up throughout the shop with their goods. It’s really great when you can talk to designers or curators of goods to hear their stories. As I walked outside the store, I saw designer Ola Mai set up. I browsed through the rack. When I reached for an item it fell off the hanger. I took that as I HAD to try it on. Alas, it was fate and I got the Monster Coat for a steal.

Also in East Nash is The Hip Zipper, which I recommend solely based on their bolo tie selection. The Zipper has a quality assortment of vintage clothes, jewelry and shoes. We walked around in the area where The Hip Zipper is located and it’s very quaint and artsy. There was a tree house looking restaurant that in fact was a tree house called The Treehouse that we wanted to go in and see but it wasn’t open yet and they wouldn’t let us in. Up the way are more local shops. I can’t remember the name were we found the crystal mountain pictured but it was so intense we couldn’t stay in too long. Idea Hatchery is a little village of local shops, including Goodbuy Girls, which has a small but fantastic selection of vintage. That concluded our shopping for the day so we went back to the airbnb crib to chill and get ready for the NFW Closing Party and dinner at City House.

We met up with Marisa’s friend Rachel and my friend Seth, who are both transplants, for dinner at fancy-smancy City House. Fantastic whiskey cocktails and wine covered the table and our dishes (or courses) came two and three at a time. We tried pretty much everything- scrapple, belly ham pizza with egg on top, half chicken, whole trout and conchiglie. Dinner was so smooth and full of delightful conversation I didn’t really want it to end. But, it did and we caught an Uber to the closing party.

I’m going to make this part real short. The party was held at Citizen. Citizen is regularly members only and also yuppie only. Beware. If you don’t believe me, watch this video. Shitty music was played. Blah. Then we went to Play. Again, blah. I did enjoy the drag show at Play. But, then it ended and I was forced to mean mug everyone so I wouldn’t get sexually harassed.

Sorry to kind of end that one on a sour note. Citizen and Play just aren’t for me. I’d take Robert’s Western World over those ANYDAY. All-in-all though, the day was spent seeing the city by shopping and made my crush on Nashville a little more heavy.

Part IV where we said our goodbye to our airbnb home and visited the Parthenon in Nashville is up next.

Cheers x


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