Discovering Nashville, Part II

Friday morning got off to a groggy start after hitting Broadway and Fleet Street Pub the night before. Our hangovers were remedied when Josh, our Airbnb host, offered to make us push omelets, toast and coffee accompanied a little hair of the dog.

The thought of shopping got us all going. Robby freaked out because he ran out of Dr. Brandt refining cream so we made a pit stop at the mall, which ended up being very fruitful. After a Mexican food stop we hit up the infamous Savant vintage store. Walking into Savant is a bit overwhelming with little sections set up like my dream house would be. But, it doesn’t get any easier from there. Vintage galore! I even found the SAME jacket I sold to a friend at the Twin Peaks pop up shop, where I found out I could have sold it for hundreds more. It’s definitely worth a stop, even if you can’t afford a single thing there. From there we visited Cosmic Connections, where I felt right at home. The drunken night we spent at Fleet Street Pub led to Robby and I pulling out our crystals and showing Josh. Josh really felt in tuned with the black tourmaline, so we sought one for him for being such a great host. And, success! Plus, I found a cluster of amethyst, a cute little Buddha and an amethyst ring. After getting our karmic fix, it was time to get ready for the ready-wear-show at Bicentennial Mall Amphitheater.

The Ready-to-Wear Designer Showcase featured five designers -Michael Magnone of Circle of Gentlemen, Lagilelei Elizabeth Nadeau of Lagi NadeauMegan Huntz, Alfredo Bove of Religion and Timo Weiland, which showcased their fall 2015 collections.

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Megan Huntz

Megan Huntz, who is a sweetheart, showed first where her dresses, coats and capes swept me off my feet. Seriously, Megan, I need the capelet! And those trousers…damn! I can see that all fitting in nicely in my wardrobe. Megan is super sweet and let me ask her a few questions after the show, you should watch the interview below and buy her pieces.

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Alfredo Bove

Most anticipated, on my part, was Alfredo Bove, who I caught after the show aswell. The black and red sweater WILL be mine! His dress with the mesh cut outs was simply superb and made me want more. I was happy to see structured menswear in the collection. The color-blocked men’s shirts were really my vibe. My favorite of the entire collection was the women’s shirt, black with diagonal lace cutouts. Alfredo was really lovey to speak to after the show. He really made me miss Italy with his accent and openness to talk to total strangers.

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Lagi Nadeau

Designer Lagilelei Elizabeth Nadeau of Lagi Nadeau sort of shut the show down with her olive/fur skirt, which caused the most applause and a standing ovation throughout the entire show.

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Circle of Gentlemen

Michael Magnone…what a dream. Not only are his designs dreamy but so is he. Sorry, Michael! Ha. I explained his Circle of Gentlemen collection as lumber sexual meets English countryside and I stand by that. I was focused on the magnificent lapel charms adorning his garments. Gosh, I want to be a man just so I can wear those. Michael said for $600 (the price of a jacket) one can be yours for FREE! So, fellas, get on that! My favorite look of the collection was the matching plaid set. So on point.

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Timo Weiland

Timo. Fucking. Weiland. There’s a reason they used his as the show closer. Fist off, the song his collection started walking out to was by none other than Courtney Barnett, one of my absolute favorites. I actually bought CB’s album Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit while in Nashville because I was soo inspired. No, but really I’ve been listening to it on repeat on Spotify so I though I should do the album some justice and just fucking buy it already. So, I did. Anyways, Timo. Lucky us, we got to sit by Jeff, Timo’s boyfriend, who is an absolute pleasure. Jeff works for Mashable and was live streaming the show, so I might be out there on Mashable somewhere. Timo’s white a black shirt/skirt combo, black dress with pointed collars, the magnificent knit beanies, pinstriped skirt, rounded sunglasses and checkered prints were highlights of the collection. The Vanderbilt alum did his hometown proud.

After the show bloggers and media got to go on stage and chat with designers and models. I had a blast talking with Megan, Alfredo and Michael. I spoke to Timo for a second at City Winery the next day and he was super lovely. Everyone was very down to earth. No hoity toity bullshit here. See interviews here:

Once we exited the amphitheater after what seemed like a whirlwind of fantastic showings, we realized we were really hungry. Whiskey Kitchen was mentioned as a place to go to after the show which sounded really nice, probably because it includes a couple of my favorite things- whiskey and food. We made our way there and met up with Michael and Brian, a stylist from Levy’s. We had a great time there and decided to call it a night because we had to be up at the crack of dawn (not really) for the Industry Panels at City Winery the next day. See what we got up to at City Winery and East Nashville on the next post. I promise you don’t want to miss is.

Later x

What I wore- Day: top- thrifted, skirt- asos, shoes- JustFab. Night: top- asos, pants- Motel, jacket- H&M, shoes- JustFab

Images courtosey of NFW taken by Eric Winton Photography. See all of the looks here.


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