Discovering Nashville, Part I

I was a little unsure about what I would find in Nashville. Upon hearing conflicting reviews from friends and peers, it could have gone either way. Nashville was nothing less than an extraordinary time. Maybe it was our Airbnb host? Maybe it was the fact that we surrounded ourselves with fashion, shopping and great food? Maybe it was the amazing travel companions? But really, it was all of that wrapped into a city I was ready to explore. Due to the high volume of photos taken throughout the trip, I’ve decided the best way to break it down is day-by-day. Here goes… Thursday was a bright, sunny day in St. Louis. As Robby Baker (The Subtle Savant), Marisa Lather (Vogue Rhythm) and I drove down South Grand to get onto the interstate, it was a bittersweet goodbye to our beloved city. But, I knew treasures were to be found in the destination we sought. Four and half hours, that’s all it takes to get to the gateway to the south (which we dubbed so). Such a short trip was made even shorter as my passengers tied up lose work ends on the way and road trip tunes played on. We arrived in Nashville and checked-in to our Airbnb. Usually, I wouldn’t speak about accommodations as much as I will throughout my Nashville posts. But, with the NRA and other various conventions happening in Nashville, we were forced to find alternative, affordable accommodations. I’ve always looked at Airbnb’s but somehow it never worked out to stay at one. Anyways, we met our host, Josh, and his two dogs, Momma and Buddy, and his cat, Kitty. Marisa said, “If I could request a dog at every place I stayed, I would,” which are my thoughts exactly. Josh was very welcoming and had some interesting stories to tell. I’m not going to tell you about all of them because you should really just go stay with Josh and hear them for yourselves. We popped open a few bottles of bubbly and got ready for our evening affairs. How wonderful is it to live in a city with both Uber and Lyft? I wouldn’t know because St. Louis the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is a group of thugs and won’t let it happen in our city. But, it’s great when I travel to a city that offers both services. We hailed an Uber and were on our way to Nashville Fashion Week’s Design + Fashion event. Hosted by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, the event featured select works from Herb Williams’ Call of Couture crayon sculpture series and handbag designer Ceri Hoover, recipient of the 2014 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund award. Delicious bites and Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktails were not hard to find as we browsed the sleek furnishings. We met some really friendly people and local shop owners who told us where to go shopping. We even bumped into Fern Mallis, creator of Fashion Week in New York City and STLFW veteran, and Marcia Masulla, Co-Founder of Nashville Fashion Week and native St. Louisian. After the event died down, we needed some real food. Unfortunately, we took an Uber driver’s advice and went to 12 South Taproom where both the food and service blew. But, hey we were in a pinch. Feeling unsatisfied, we headed to Broadway to meet Josh, our Airbnb host, and new friend Darrell at Robert’s Western World. If you’re going to go to any Honky Tonk while in Nashville, go to Robert’s because it’s the best. We danced with the cutest old men to Elvis covers and had our fair share of whiskey. It was a blast! We then headed to a quieter spot called Fleet Street Pub, Nashville’s English Pub in world famous Printer’s Alley. for a little nightcap and darts. We really had a great time with our new friends just hanging out and kicking back a few- truly a great way to start out our trip. Thursday was a blast! But, the fun didn’t stop there. Check back soon for details on day two in Nashville. In the meantime, click here to see Tweets and click here Instagram photos from the crew. What I wore- Lily Dawson Choker, MINKPINK Navy Velvet Playsuit, Jeffery Campbell Litas


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