MWIN VIP Spring Blogger Lounge

Spring brings an air of renewal and liveliness. As we dust off the cobwebs from winter dormancy, the city becomes alive. And by alive I mean I’m incorporating white into my mostly black wardrobe. To celebrate the coming spring and summer months, the Midwest Influencer Network (MWIN) held a VIP Blogger Lounge at the newly revived Boo Cat Club. While drinks flowed, bloggers scoured for the next hot new brands and products coming out of St. Louis. Pure debauchery ensued and this photo gallery only depicts a fraction of that.

Having only recently been to the Boo Cat Club for the Nigel Barker book signing (see photo here) and then again shortly after for this event, I must say that I’m impressed with this beautiful event space! Ah, not to mention the name and logo is cat themed so that’s an A+ in my book. Robby Baker, The Subtle Savant, and I had a fun time taking pictures and chilling in the front lounge area.

During the event, Bernie Lee, of Hiro Asian Kitchen, hooked us up with some amazing beet hummus bites. I really need to make another trip to Hiro because it’s AMAZING! Explore St. Louis/KSDK was on premise taking video entries for their Summer Ambassador position, so after a few drinks I got the liquid courage to go on camera and talk about why I love St. Louis. Embarrassing, yes. But, I really do love The Lou. If you really want to see me look a fool, click here. Some MWIN staple brands like Meero Mani Nails and Glik’s were present but I was most excited to see Pinot’s Palette set up at the event. Towards the end of the night I made my way to the paintbrushes and attempted to create a masterpiece. While a masterpiece wasn’t the exact outcome, I still had a mother licking blast.

Thank you to the MWIN for such a wonderful night. Not only did I learn even more about what the great city of St. Louis has to offer, but also enjoyed seeing my dear blogger and maker friends to which I would have never met without these amusing events. St. Louis is ALIVE, people! Get out there and experience it.

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Until next time. x


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