Shooting With Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with internationally published Playboy photographer Michael Abrams of Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography and stylist Kristen Parks in a boudoir photo shoot last week. Fellow blogger June Ann D’Angelo invited myself and a few others over to her house to meet Abrams, who will soon be relocating to St. Louis, and to get a feel for his work. What ensued was an intimate get together complete with good conversation, wine and sweets.

I must admit, doing my first boudoir photo shoot had me a bit nervous. I don’t even really like regular photo shoots of myself in the first place. Once I had some wine in me and learned more about Abrams’ experience, I was soon at ease and ready to shoot. Abrams’ was completely professional and eased the process along with some much-needed direction. I walked out of the shoot feeling very pleased and energetic.

Abrams was gracious enough to not only take a few pictures and edit them for the event. He offers many different ways to display the photos, like the popular man-gazine (a great gift for a SO). He also does a range of photography from the supermodel experience to maternity. Check out Sweet Emotions Boudoir Photography if you’re looking for a fun, sexy experience. Michael Abrams is a pro!

Learn more here. Interested in a shoot? Book now and save 10% with coupon code: weird10. Code expires 30 days after post is published.


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