Is that Sia?


Long have I wanted to do something drastic with my hair. For a while going lavender seemed like what I wanted to do but I never made the leap. I soon found myself screenshotting every white blunt bob in my IG feed and after some consideration I decided to go with that. I figured it was still a dramatic enough change but also safe enough for me to keep my job and still be taken seriously (not that neon colored hair people cant be taken seriously, but my real, money-making job is full of pale, stale and male counterparts).

Having my heart set on this new look, I consulted with my new hair guru (and beauty blogger) Megan Gad of KINK Hair. She gave me the low-down on what it would take to get my hair looking how I wanted. This put me at ease considering I would be bleaching out my hair to the max. Both Megan and I were excited for the hair transformation after talking about it so I booked an appointment.

Upon arrival, I was somewhat nervous thinking it wouldn’t look as good as my inspirational photos but excitement coursed through me as well. My nervousness vanished once I sat down and Megan started showing me hair color swatches. She got what I was going for, that was apparent. Then, she delved in.

Cut, lighten, tone, style…

The process

The service at KINK is superb. Wine, coffee, water and the newest magazines are offered to while you sit in the chair, which was much appreciated as this whole process took about 3.5 hours. At KINK, I felt in my element. The stylists there are more than just that, they’re artists. They get excited about doing something other than a trim and highlights and it shows in their own style too.

Lightening hair can be pretty damaging. In order to counteract that, Megan used Olaplex, which multiplies bonds making hair stronger, healthier, while color lasts longer with more vibrancy. I swear my hair felt healthier after the leaving the salon than it did before coming in. Total hair saver.

When reveal time came I was astonished. It looked better than what I expected. The color was on point and the blunt cut was perfect. Being bloggers, Megan and I snapped some photos. I left KINK feeling overly satisfied with my whole experience. I’ve found a place I feel comfortable with touching my hair and that’s not an easy thing! Feeling like a hair transformation? Or maybe you just want to try out a fantastic salon? Call up the people at KINK and get it going! What are you waiting for?



  1. I can’t believe this slipped by me! What an awesome piece! Thank you, this made my whole week! I’m so glad you love your hair because I’m absolutely OBSESSED!


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