A Weekend In The Lou

This past weekend brought bountiful St. Louis events- ALIVE Magazine’s Cash + Carry, SLAM Underground, a farewell to a friend, Sell Your Sh!t Sunday at HandleBar and Puppy Bowl at Art Bar. Though losing a friend to Chicago is sad and St. Louis will miss him dearly, the weekend was a blast.

Friday, I scored a major deal at Cash + Carry. Though it was a little hectic rummaging through racks with deal hungry ladies (and some gentlemen) I persevered and took home a sweet little MINKPINK velvet jumper. SLAM Underground highlighted the captivating Nick Cave exhibit along with sets by Black James and 18 and Counting. I got to the museum a little late and didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked before being kicked out but I definitely plan on going back and spending some time there and I recommend you do too.

Sunday, HandleBar and Wicked Wallflower hosted a Twin Peaks themed Winter Pop Up Shop, where I sold some vintage goods alongside some awesome vendors. I started off the day being a good girl by not making any major purchases. But, as the day went on and the mimosas kept flowing, I scored some awesome ram bookends and a gift for my mother. No buyer’s remorse here.

This year I chose not to partake in the Super Bowl festivities because of the off-putting half time show, the overall commercialization of the whole shebang and the fact that I just don’t give a shit about football. Instead, some friends and I went to the Puppy Bowl at Art Bar, which included a NACHO BAR. Good choice on my part.

This weekend I’ll be exploring Kansas City and hanging out with family. After having such a wonderful weekend in St. Louis, I’m actually going to miss it! But, alas, there will be many more weekend of fun to come.

Until next time.


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