Cannibal! And Other Happenings

Winter puts me in a weird place. The sun sets early. It’s cold. And at the first sign of Old Man Winter, I wonder how I made it through the last. Oh, and have you heard? It’s supposed to be one of the coldest winters the Midwest has seen in 15 years. Yikes.

Here’s something to warm your spirit. The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) just launched a new app, which keeps tabs on all of St. Louis’ art events. No more boring frigid nights at home! I discovered the RAC app at the last St. Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge and recently decided to give it a try.

The app works great for same day or spur of the moment decisions when you’re not quite sure what to do. Choose from categories like fashion, film, music and more. There’s so many great things happening in St. Louis right now and this app is a great way to connect to those events. Download the app here.

My search for an event led me to some obviously weird options. Weird and good. Among those was Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical. Uh, what? How had I not heard that a Trey Parker, creator of South Park, production was happening in my hood? I’m not sure but I’m glad I found out. I planned on seeing the Saturday, December 6th show at 10:30pm.

The day of the show came…along with a bunch of other events, like moving and attending ALIVE Magazine’s Holiday Hop & Shop. After hoisting my dinning room table over my balcony to get it in to my second story apartment and walking up and down steps all day, I was finally moved. Holiday Hop & Shop was a great opportunity to get some gifts and a little something for myself (ahem, some gorgeous amethyst earrings from Fable & Lore, see here).

After catching up with friends and having a couple cocktails, I moseyed on down to the Ivory Theatre to see the show. Ivory Theatre is located in a beautiful building and I’m surprised I had not visited before. Cannibal! Was absolutely hilarious, as expected. The laughing kept me from sleeping after an exhausting day. Cannibal! is a mix between Scary Movie and Oklahoma! Satire, gross humor, severed limbs- it’s all there and it’s all great. The premise of the musical is loosely based on Alfred Packer and his trip from Utah to Colorado that left his five fellow travelers dead and eaten, thus the title. I haven’t laughed that much in a while. It’s different when you see something live as opposed to something recorded on Netflix. Something more human. Refreshing.

Saturday was a long but fantastic day. I’m happy to be an official resident of St. Louis city and excited to use the RAC app more often.

See you around, St. Louis!



This is a sponsored post but thoughts are my own. Photos are my own except for the one of myself and Robby. That photo is by the great David Vassalli

(Plaid Dress- Eshakti, Leather Jacket- H&M)


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