See the World in 60 Minutes

Meeting people in the fashion industry happens in so many ways- in the line at the bathroom of a show, hugging an outlet to charge your phone and even working events. Last season of St. Louis Fashion Week I decided to get involved in the local scene by volunteering for ALIVE Magazine. This was probably one of the best choices I’ve made. Not only are you involved with the production of fashion week events, but you also meet other people in your same situation- hungry for experience and connections. I’ve learned so much and met so many great people just by volunteering.

One person I met and really got along with volunteering was Kathryn Croney. We worked our asses of last season and when it was over we kept in contact with the aid of social media. We both grew from volunteering and realized where we wanted to be- in the fashion industry. Weird Cult(ure) started taking off and Kathryn landed a job with Empress Consulting as Operations Manager. I was excited to hear that Kathryn would be taking part in putting on See the World in 60 Minutes, a ready-to-wear runway show, and that she wanted me there as a blogger.

The press kit I received for the event was one of the best I’ve gotten yet. I felt VIP with a media badge and all! So when the day of the show finally came, I was very excited! I’d never been to the Ritz Carlton but I knew it would be, well, ritzy. I wore a vintage inspired blue jumpsuit with sheer pants by Nasty Gal, which I felt was formal enough. Checking-in to the event was a breeze. I snaked on fancy bites and sipped on a dirty martini while chatting with familiar faces before the show.

When 7pm rolled around I went to find my seat. I was happy to find out I was sandwiched in between two great St. Louis fashion blogger- Summer Albarcha of Hipster Hijabis and June Ann D’Angelo of geminijunemoon. We had a great time watching the show together!

When the show commenced, I thought the house lights would dim but they never did. I was sitting in the second row so I couldn’t get any great shots, so the photos of the show are from David Bolen Smith Photography. Sticking with the around the world theme, models dressed as pilots and a stewardess with luggage had the fist walk. Then it seemed the show was separated into color family segments with similar pieces in each segment just a different hue or styled differently. The music was a mix of modern and ethnic. The pace of the show was extremely slow making the show last the full 60 minutes. This gave spectators a good look at the garments but it was definitely a new style of show I had not seen before. I enjoyed the more exotic looks- African kaftans, traditional Indian and Asian garbs and vintage inspired pieces. See the final walk here.

After show coffee and desserts were provided as show-goers chatted and then departed. The show was a really nice experience and I’m excited to see what the Empress Consulting does in the future. I really did get a peak of the world in 60 minutes.


(Runway photos by David Bolen Smith Photography) 


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