A Night Out in Blue Bird Apparel

Out Front The Gem Hotel

Kezza, Robby and I at The Jane

A nice addition to my night out at The Jane was a sassy sheer and faux leather dress I picked up at Blue Bird Boutique especially for the occasion. I was introduced to Blue Bird at the Spring St. Louis Fashion Week Blogger Lounge and have been a supporter ever since. I blog weird shit, they make clothes for weird people- a perfect match.

Designer Anna Friss and her mother run Blue Bird Boutique and collaborate on their house brand, Blue Bird Apparel. While their own creations are for sale at their shop, they also offer an awesomely curated array of clothes inspired by street style, urban, underground, the freaks, geeks and cheeky chicks. I couldn’t recommend Blue Bird more. Definitely stop by their shop on Delmar or check them out online.

Stay weird.


Dress: Blue Bird Apparel

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Bag: H&M

(This post is sponsored but thoughts are my own.)


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