NYFW Day Two, Part One | Vivienne Hu and Getting Around NYC

One lesson I learned in NYC was to allow time for transportation. Yes, when you look up how long it will take you to get from point A to point B it says 21 minutes. But, please, please account for how long it may take you to hail a cab or for Uber to arrive. Oh, and Uber and the subway will save your life in NYC. St. Louis needs to get on that train ASAP.

Day two in NYC began with groggy rushing around. With late night Time Square escapades a mere 4 hours before, I was in need of coffee to say the least. In fact, coffee is what kept me alive this day.

Robby Baker, Jill Firns and myself hustled into our Uber car and ended up at where we thought was the Vivienne Hu show. Oops, it wasn’t. A quick email search fixed things right up and again we were on our merry way. We arrived at Pier 59 Studios in Chelsea thinking we were late. Luckily, so was the show. I grabbed some much-needed sparkling water from the drink table and sat back for my first NYFW runway show. Waiting for the show to begin, I was befriended by Juan Chen and her friend who are lovely real estate ladies who knew the designer, Vivienne Hu. After we chatted a bit the show began. I quickly rushed from the third row to the front because no one was sitting there which made for another wonderful photo opportunity.

The show began and I was in awe because this was my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show. The runway was filled with asymmetrical hemlines, leather and mesh combinations, checkered prints, refined cutouts and TEXTURE! Like my friend Vincent Napoli said, “Texture is way in right now.” Yes, Vince, and it’s here to stay…until spring/summer at least. Stock up!

After the show we snapped some pictures at the backdrop provided and desperately searched for food. As we were Yelp-ing the closest brunch place with the best ratings we found someone else in search of the same, Demetrius Brown- CEO at Commarke Marketing. Yelp lead us to Le Grainne Café, the cutest little French Café and everything we could have asked for at that moment- fantastic coffee and savory bites. We had some time to kill so we made it a long brunch. I love a long brunches. As we refueled and nursed our hangovers we chatted up our new friend and planned out the rest of our day.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for part II.




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