Landed in NYC | Day One of NYFW

When we were departing for LaGuardia it hadn’t quite hit me that I would be in a new, amazing city having the time of my life in a mere 2.5 hours. When we touched down it was a race to get to the hotel, change and hit up Korto Momolu’s pre-show backstage and runway show. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the show we realized the it was full and there was no use getting in. We headed to the nearest place with a bar, which happened to be a little Mexican place with a rooftop bar near The Gem Hotel, where we were staying.

The Standard, High Line elevator video. Trippy as fuq.

After refueling, Lindsay Pattan, Marketing Manager at ALIVE Magazine, Sarah Stallmann, Fashion Editor at ALIVE Magazine, and myself headed to the wonderfully weird (See elevator video) Standard, High Line Hotel to see the Maison Kitsuné presentation. My excitement was rising. The Standard is beautiful. Definitely check out the downstairs bathrooms if you’re ever in the Chelsea area. I didn’t get a chance to eat at the café but it’s on my to-do list for the next trip. Anyways, we took the elevator to the third floor and the heavens opened up. A quick check in at the door and BOOM! I was at New York Fashion Week.

Maison Kistuné’s show was a presentation with tiered French-looking backdrops where models posed and rotated every so often. This made for a great photo opportunity. As I shuffled around the room, I snapped up photos, tweeted and sipped champagne. I was high on life at this point and sort of stayed in that mentality until the end of our adventures.

The theme for Maison Kitsuné SS ’15 was #EffortlessFrench, and oui it was tres chic! Sporty casual was the mood with a men’s black and white hound’s-tooth suit and women’s pink cape stealing the show. I need to get my hands on that ‘DEAL’ dress ASAP. Maison Kitsuné was one of my favorite NYFW/madeFW shows because of the music, presentation and the modern French take on effortlessly cool wearables. Maison Kitsunè also gave my favorite gift bag, including a CD mix previously mentioned and a beautiful fox, Eifel Tower key chain.

We finished out our fist night in the Big Apple with a bang! We hit up the Twelv after party where we grabbed some drinks and danced for a bit. Then, we made our way to the Maison Kitsunè after party at Le Bain, complete with a gorgeous view, Swiss style bathrooms and a hot tub. The city was calling our name and we answered. Somehow we ended up in Time Square where I was yelling, “Where is TRL?” I’m so sad for the people that don’t know what TRL is. Ha! After making some friends at a few hole-in-the-wall bars we decided to call it a night as Tuesday would bring me six shows in three different parts of the city. There I was, 4am, heading to bed in New York f*cking City.

Stay tuned for the details on day two of NYFW.




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