St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards

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Sometimes when I talk about my extracurricular blogging people unfamiliar are like, “WTF is blogging?!” Blogging for me is a creative expression with hopes to inform and inspire others. It has been a wildly fun journey the last eight months since I decided to start Weird Cult(ure) and I have lots of people to thank for supporting me. You know who you are. ALIVE Magazine has been a major contributor to the success of my work and I thank everyone there so very, very much! ALIVE hosts some amazing events including the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards. This year, my first year participating, I’ve been nominated for three awards: Best Fashion Blog, Best Written Blog and Best Newcomer. I’m absolutely astonished and honored.

A little about the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards…

The St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards honor top talent within the fashion, personal style, lifestyle and design categories as part of its mission to highlight the impressive influencer community of the St. Louis region. Over 75 bloggers will be considered through public nomination, garnering thousands of social media impressions as an integral portion of the Saint Louis Fashion Week lineup. Official winners in both the judges and people’s choice categories will be announced at the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards on Friday, September 26. The community’s top influencers will be awarded in categories including photography, content innovation and web design.

With that being said, I’d really appreciate your votes! Voting is now open through Sept. 19, 2014. Vote here.

Thanks again for all your support. Luv ya lots!



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