Rung and Sprung

Rung Boutique and Sprung Boutique are not your average shopping destinations. Rung’s mission is to empower professional ladies by offering attire at great prices in a boutique atmosphere that provides a fun and uplifting experience, while Sprung Boutique offers adorable options for children. And the best part? A significant portion of their net profits go to support the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis. Full circle, love it!

I got to experience a fashion presentation by Rung and Sprung at an in-store gathering Thursday night. Delicious bites by The Dam and Pinnacle cocktails were served while guests mingled. Fashion trivia was a precursor to the fashion show, where I ended up winning a gift certificate to Byrd Designer Consignment Boutique for guessing how long a typical fashion show lasts (Answer: 10 minutes). Host Carmen Boeser announced the looks as models walked through the showroom. My favorite look was the blue printed mini dress with platforms because of the 60s vibe. I’m so ready for minis and tall boots for fall! Also, the amazing ear cuff and Carmen’s dress were absolutely out of this world!

I ended the night on Cherokee Street where a peaceful vigil for Michael Brown was underway with candles in bar windows, on sidewalk tables and lining the road. I checked out Fortune Teller Bar to get my tarot cards read and had great conversation at Art Bar. The mood was light and exciting on Cherokee, everyone simply enjoying life and each other—a beautiful summer night.

Peace and love from St. Louis.



Some photos by Arkitography. Unmarked photos are my own.



  1. That was such a good night. You got one of the two questions right that I had no idea about (the other was that fashion dolls question).

    And brain flower is my favorite font.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had noo idea about the fashion dolls either! I don’t think we got a chance to meet at the event, but I look forward to meeting you at the next one!


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