Truly Alvarenga Wins Pins and Needles

photo 1 (8)

Dress: Nordstrom Topshop//Photo: Steve Heineman

It’s August already? Being post-grad makes summer seem a little less special. While in school, August meant the gang would be back together. Now, it’s Facebook message updates and growing to love the city of St. Louis more and more.

Local designers keep adding to that fiery love I have for St. Louis right now so I jumped at the opportunity to attended the Pins and Needles designer competition. Not just local talent was display at the show. No, because the designer with the best showing got to take home prizes and will be a designer in the upcoming Fall St. Louis Fashion Week. Who will that be? Winner of Pins and Needles is Truly Alvarenga of Pink Elephant Designs while runner up was Jacqueline Madey of Jacqueline Nicole. Congrats to both designers!

My personal favorite of Pins and Needles was No Human Intentions because of the cohesive futuristic designs. Nikki Fizer, of NOI, could have easily have been the costume designer for Star Wars: Episode VII with her hooded masterpieces. Check out NHI’s runway looks here.

Gallery 400, located on Washington Avenue, was a beautiful space for a fashion show and aided in a great evening. I’m having so much fun this summer exploring the city, making new friends and sharing here. Though I love summer dearly, fall is bringing me some very exciting events: Loufest and New York Fashion Week. To say the least, I’m living the life. Stayed tuned for updates.



More photos here, by Mark Schwigen.


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