Handmade Happy Hour Finds

Photos by Steve Heineman

Friday night city folk gathered downtown to peruse the loveliness that Handmade Happy Hour was and to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Thirteenth and Washington and their new creative space. Vendors of handmade, locally sourced and ethically imported goods lined the street as the soundtrack to summer played on. The magical mix resulted in finding splendid local designers and adding a few new pieces to my collection.

I was so impressed/inspired by the local talent at Handmade Happy Hour that I’ve decided to feature local designers and brands every month right here on the blog. Usually I see a trend or piece that I like and try to find the exact item, but local vendors featured at Handmade Happy Hour were right on trend. I’m excited to explore local designers more in depth. I have a feeling HHHSTL is just the surface.


I was simply astounded by the amount of talented jewelry designers- Lateef Accessories, Lily Dawson Designs, Fable & Lore and Sutton Lasater Jewelry. I snapped up sweet little golden ring for $12 from Lateef Accessories and actually saw the designer stamping pieces while working her booth.

As I walked on from booth to booth my excitement only grew. I landed at Lily Dawson Designs’ booth filled with amazing jewels and fell in love with the Boxy Chain Hand Harness. Snapped that up too.

By the time I reached Fable & Lore I had run out of cash. Too bad! Chelsie Hellige, owner and designer of Fable & Lore, found the way to my gypsy heart with her majestic Summer Amethyst Point Pendant and Ombré Macramé Statement Necklace. Can’t wait to sport some Fable & Lore!

I had the most delicious coffee, possibly ever, at Wayfarer Coffee Co.  This completely mobile coffee company specializes in single-origin, hand-brewed coffee and will be taking St. Louis by storm very soon. Their set up is made to go anywhere- on the street, in store and events. Keep an out for these guys because this is revolutionary shit.

Parsimonia and Mothership fully represented their vintage collections. I’ve visited Beth Styles’ adorable mobile Second Hand Style store before but have not yet made a trip to the brick and mortar store on South Grand; really looking forward to visiting. Parsimonia consists of a curated collection of affordable vintage clothing, vintage accessories and vintage home decor. Mothership, new to me before HHHSTL, had some great vintage and handmade clothing and jewelry. Check out their Etsy shop for cool finds.

Handwriting isn’t really something I practice but Love Leesie is an absolute master! She makes clever words and sayings into pretty things to adorn your desk or walls. Who would have known “Damn…it feels good to be a gangster” could be put so charmingly?

Though I’ve followed Michelle Volansky for a while I had never actually met her until HHHSTL. Volansky is the lady behind CreatureType.com and another very talented artist. She does very fun, adult illustrations. I love her “ASL?” earrings. They really bring me back to my MySpace and chat room days in the early 2000s. Ha!

More Me Know mixes pop culture and style. I may have slightly freaked out over a Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher pouch– butts! Think of any type of pop culture reference and More Me Know probably has it in a bow tie or scarf.

There’s a new face in the St. Louis DJ scene. Give it up for DJ Selkie! She’s the real deal and I’m happy I finally got to see her do her thing at HHHSTL! Jill Firns, AKA DJ Selkie, is primarily self-taught and plays a variety of genres and styles in addition to blogging and being fabulous. You can find DJ Selkie Monday nights at ArtBar STL. In addition to the new lady DJ, DJ TrashTalk, Arthur & The Librarian, Kenny DeShields, Kristen Goodman and DJ Karma performed sets throughout the night.

Handmade Happy Hour was a huge success thanks to all the great vendors and the people at ALIVE Magazine. I can’t wait for the next event! I’m excited to delve into the world of local designers and share them with you. Are you a local business that wants to be featured or know of one that would be a good fit? Email me at laura.heying@gmail.com.

Remember: shop local! x



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