Spread Em’

spreadem spread

I love discovering rad new brands. I’ve long been following Sticks and Stones Agency on Instagram because of their awesomely unique styling and attitude.  Recently, I stumbled upon a little gem called SPREADEM, thanks to power couple, Ainsley and Sebastian, at Sticks and Stones Agency. At first glace, I had no idea that they were actually having breakfast in bed (pictured below) on these very realist-looking grass printed sheets. I though the photo had been staged outside for a collection’s photo shoot. Come to find out, they really were in bed lying on SPREADEM’s Bed of Grass Quilt Set!

I love these sheets! They may be a bit unconventional but they have the power to brighten up a space. The quilt set is perfect for anyone looking to freshen up a bedroom with a unique piece or to bring the outside in like never before. Not quite committed to a whole bed set? Revive your living room with Bed of Grass Cushion Covers.

SPREADEM is a new Sydney-based bedding label creating playful products for your bedroom featuring unique prints with a healthy dash of kitsch. I can’t wait to see what other sweet prints they’ve got in the works. While your checking them out, also check out Sticks and Stones Agency, an Australian based fashion agency with an online shop worth perusing.

Cheers! x

Sticks and stones agency


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