Summer Dudes

Summer Menswear Blog Graphic

Fantastic summer wear isn’t just for the ladies. I often overlook menswear, mainly because I’m not a man. But, that’s ok! I’ve come in contact with and am surrounded by very badass dudes. From Sid Vicious looking kids to straight out of J. Crew– they know what they’re doing and are my inspiration for this post.  Ode to you, you stylish son-of-a-bitch.


Non-trad floral prints. Smaller floral printed button ups paired with Bonobos Garment Dyed Chinos and some worn in Chuck Taylors are perfect for everyday wear. Dress the look up with the no sock look and a sweet loafer. If you’re really feeling floral, try the print in a pant!

A kick in the trunks. Boo to boring old board shorts! I like shorts above the knee with unexpected prints and vibrant colors.

White hot. White pants and shorts for men and women this summer. I’ll be wearing all white at ALIVE Magazine’s Ultra White Party later this month. Very excited!

Vintage rocker. I’m always into this look. Always. Skinny little rocker jeans with some obscure vintage shirt. I like how in the first Sartorial photo the gentleman pairs a leather jacket and skinny jeans with fancy loafers.

Bonobos Promo Code

To get your summer kicked off the right way, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. For a limited time Bonobos, a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy and superb customer experience, is offering 20% off to new customers with this code: NEWCUSTOMER20. Check them out; they have rad chinos and casual tees!

Cheers to getting your summer started right! x

Credits: Bonobos, Topman, Imogene + Willie, Quilt, The Sartorialist, J. Crew, Venroy, Tom Ford and Miansai


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