Benefit Me


I recently joined the high-end beauty, grooming and lifestyle sampling program, Birchbox. You subscribe, pay $10 a month (kind of like Netflix) and then get a small package in the mail full of new products to try out. is also a full service beauty site for all your needs. Users can rate the products, which earns members points (I’ll explain later), and read others’ ratings.

Back to the reward points. You get points by referring friends, answering surveys, reviewing what’s in your box and purchasing full‑size versions of your samples. Reach 100 points and you get $10 off your next purchase. It’s awesome.

A few months ago I discovered Benefit Cosmetics’ (1.) Big Easy through Birchbox; wow, was I impressed. Big Easy is a multi-balancing complexion perfector/foundation with a velvety liquid to powder system. I immediately snapped it after my sample ran out. Big Easy came in such a cute box with catchy copy, which made me look into what the brand was about and what else they offered. Benefit Cosmetics was created by the Ford twins, two Indiana farm girls turned models and makeup artists, who go by the philosophy that “makeup doesn’t have to be serious to look good.”

Upon my research I found a couple products that peaked my interest: (3.) Gimme Brow and (2.) Fakeup. I’m obsessed with big, thick eyebrows (like Cara’s) so Gimme Brow spoke to me. Got that baby in the mail and haven’t stopped using it. It fills in the brows with a little mascara-like brush and really give the definition that I desired for my brows. Fakeup is a moisturizing under eye concealer, perfect for hiding a hangover or lack of sleep. But, I not only use it for that because once you use it, it’s sort of addicting.

I’ve been so impressed with Birchbox and specifically Benefit Cosmetics that I had to write a blog post, which is weird because I don’t consider myself a beauty enthusiast; I’m more into clothes. I like the brand because it’s fun and offers products that someone in their mid 20s would appreciate. And hey, they claim they don’t test on animals. Hooray! Something to feel good about.

Until next time. x



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