TechArtista 1

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Thursday night brought the grand opening of new collaborative working environment, TechArtista. Located at 4818 Washington in Central West End, TechArtista caters to creative and business professionals with growing enterprises. TechArtista combines a mix of private offices, co-working space, conference rooms and amenities galore, including 24/7 access, private parking, two kitchens, laundry, gym, changing rooms, showers, private video-chat booths, a large rooftop deck, ping pong and more!

The grand opening was absolutely buzzing with excitement. Live music played in a common area while food and booze were served in another. People gathered to hear the opening toast and band play on while my friends and I toured the shiny new diggs. The space is very nice and astonishingly affordable. I would recommend any budding artists or business looking for a space to check this place out.

Some highlights of the space include the full gym with personal trainers, indie mats, Indigo Avenue, Phoebe Landrum Photography, Latoya Elnora and Confluence Artisan Goods.

The energy of the grand opening was overwhelmingly positive and I am extremely excited to see what comes out of this collaborative working environment. Best of luck, TechArtista!



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