Spring Saint Louis Fashion Week Preview

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Fashion is a buzz in the city of Saint Louis. Thoughts of warmer weather are accompanied with excitement for my first experience with Saint Louis Fashion Week. Things kicked off at St. Louis Public Radio, complete with a panel discussion featuring Q Liu and SKIF International and cocktail reception. Being a volunteer, I got to (wo)man the bar for the most part. That, I did not mind. But, I did get a chance to peek at Q Liu and SKIF International’s pieces.

Image: Q Liu Facebook Page
Image: Q Liu Facebook Page

Q Liu designer Quin uses natural fibers, like wool. Quin says wool “has a distinct feel and character that I love.” The majority of Q Liu’s designs are felt, which she was accidentally introduced to while studying contemporary art in Paris.

Felt. I used to think of grade school crafting when talking about felt, but no. Q Liu creates beautiful textures with her felt creations. From tiny tea pots and printed felt to beautifully texturized dresses. Q Liu embraces nature’s beauty as we should embrace this inventive designer and her upcoming show at #STLFW.

Image: SKIF International Website
Image: SKIF International Website

Getting back to the basics is a major theme this spring. Living in the Midwest can bring some chilly spring nights. Perfect timing, since local Nina Ganci, of SKIF International, will be showing her classic deconstructed and naturally fabricated knitwear.

The next official #STLFW event is the Spring Saint Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge with 50 bloggers, 15 brands and even more spring fashion. Saint Louis Fashion Week will be April 23-25, with the following designers: Rebecca Minkoff, Viktor Luna, Skif International, Novis and Harbison…to name a few. I’m super excited for the show at Union Station, it’s going to be a beautiful venue. For the full list of events, visit saintlouisfashionweek.com.

Image: @ALIVEmagSTL
Union Station – Image: @ALIVEmagSTL

The kickoff party was a great way to get things started. I’m excited to be a part of #STLFW. Stay tuned for more deets.



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